Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ode to Eric Carle.

So at my semi-new apartment building, in the warmer months, people had placed their geraniums outside. Since I have one I thought I'd leave it downstairs, and let it hang out with some of it's own. However, as the weather turned colder, it had to come back inside.
Yesterday as I was watering it I saw some rather large holes it the leaves...

"It's infested!!!" My mind reeled, thinking of the closest place to go get insect spray. As I began furiously ripping the holy leaves, there it was...the very hungry caterpillar. The culprit had been hanging around living in it's own Garden of Eden. Well my Eden really. See exhibit A.

I screamed and bolted into the kitchen. The starkness of it's buggy exterior frightened me. My roommate poked her head out to see what the commotion was all about and I told her, well more screamed, "THERE IS A CATERPILLAR IN MY PLANT!"

"Oh," she said, "is that all?"

Well...yes...and no. The caterpillar chose a potted plant. A transportable bit of land and flora stuffed in a container made of terracotta. How do you explain to a caterpillar that this isn't really part of nature? Your instincts, a gift of evolution, have failed you because this, this is my plant! So with enough food for a week and a "good luck" I sent it packing.
However... I had placed the plant outside so that it might grow more, you know, cause it's outside. The gated mulch outside of my apartment building had a better nature vibe than my window sill. So I wanted it exposed to "nature" and that is what I got.

Godspeed caterpillar. How you make it to the flying stage of your development.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

...And It's Back!

Oh dear adoring public! I know it's been a while, but my unplanned hiatus has been restful and I am now ready to start this thing back up again. Even without the prodding from a weekly crit.

So this 'first' post is dedicated to marketing Grounding Work, a symposium at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, which was created by teacher/friend/mentor and fellow artist Margot Kelley.

This is a two day symposium, "exploring the intersection of art and environmental concerns." So clear your calendars and register for what promises to be an environmentally enlightening weekend!