Sunday, March 16, 2008

Growing Flowers in Ceramic Eggs.

So my roommate and I are trying to grow Snap Dragons and Impatiens in these little ceramic eggs. Egg Plants! It reminds me of those shrunken dinosaurs you put into water and they enlarge, or mixing baking soda and vinegar in the paper mache volcano everyone made for some science project. As I carefully hit away the ceramic on the top and applied a generous amount of water, my roommate and I stood in somewhat skeptical awe, we thought, "will something really grow out of this?"
My sister's herbs made by Chia Pet didn't fair so well. I fear that this kind of gimmicky stuff rarely yields anything to write home about(however, blogging about it, different story). These little "grow your owns" seem to take the reality out of gardening. Even if gardening means growing herbs in old coke bottles(my method). It further implores the idea that gardening is not feasible in a city, or city dwelling cannot be integrated with nature.
But who can say, maybe we will yield a bounty of snap dragons and impatiens!