Sunday, November 16, 2008

Only you can prevent...Wildfires?

As I was forcing my eyes to remain open while watching the TV show Bones on my computer, the obligatory commercial breaks every ten minutes or so, this time featured our friend, Smokey Bear. After he chastised a smoker who throws his cigarette so carelessly in clearly extremely dry brush, Smokey says, "Only you can prevent Wildfires." A change(which was done in 2002, go me for just now becoming aware) which substituted the word forest for wild. Even with the word change, after I see one of those commercials I automatically envision myself carrying a bucket of water with me, everywhere and always. Yet, again, we see fires jumping from roof to roof, pushed by Santa Ana winds in California, and they suspect arson.
So where's the power in the name change? Is forest to far away for us to care? Does wild imply a recklessness that could come from the middle of a forest right to out doorstep? Apparently adults were not convinced that we were, or could be responsible for devastating fires, so the word wildfires was supplanted. Smokey still leaves me afraid for our forests, or wilds, but what's even more frightening is a counter that on the website showing how many of acres have burned this year... we've passed 5 Billion. Maybe they should have commercials of Smokey ripping potential wild/forest fire starters limb from limb to get the point across a little clearer.

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