Monday, March 19, 2007

Green Buildings

There was an interesting article in the past issue of The Dig about new green building codes in Boston.

“If LEED is successful, it will become obsolete. It will become code. It will become practice. There will be no alternative to green.”

- Barbra Batshalom, founder of Green Roundtable

Apparently, Boston is making larger strides in green zoning than any other city to date.

“You go to other places where anything goes, and you do see building there, but—and this is my own cultural perspective—you see incredible sprawl, massive waste and kind of a placeless character of things. At times it feels like we are competing with North Carolina for biotech and stuff. But you know what—they can tear down a forest and throw up some factory, but people don’t want to be there,” he says. “The challenge for Boston is that the quality of the urban environment is very important.”

- John Dalzell, Sr. architect at the Boston Redevelopment Authority

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