Saturday, March 31, 2007

Washington Street in South Boston


sedm said...

Erin (and anyone who's so inclined), make your way to the corner of Massachusetts & Commonwealth Avenues. Directly across from Back Bay Bicycle you'll see a huge green highway sign and, behind it, two or three big trees which are awkwardly roped together. Their intrusion into the 'urban-landscape' is clearly unwelcome. Not only are they confined to a small and engineered 'natural' space, but within that space they are roped together to defy natural course of growth. I'll stop there so you can see for yourself. A photo opportunity?

sedm said...

P.S. The bottom picture is so great.

Anonymous said...

The parking ticket on #3 is perfect.

Lucille said...

Search Brad Moore on Flikr or Hey Hot Shot. You might like him.

Erin said...

Hi Lucille,

Thanks for your comment. For anyone else who is interested, here is his website.

Anonymous said...

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