Saturday, May 12, 2007

Allston near Harvard Avenue

yes, that is right, this little green entryway is in the heartland of all things grungy and sticky.

it's really out of place, but i think that makes it even better.


Anonymous said...

Isn't is just amazing? Let's see how long it takes before it gets destroyed ...

The Waste Project said...

Oh la la, Allston's being spiffed up with some appropriated nature.
A few weeks ago, early in the morning, I was walking down the part of Commonwealth Ave., between Washington and Harvard, where large grass medians line the road. Three people wearing full body suits and weed-whacker backpacks were trimming the grass on the median. This grass barely even exists for 3/4 of the year; it's nearly impossible for it to grow. People are constantly walking all over it and there are permanent footpaths to the T stop to mark that. I wondered, was there even enough length for them to be cutting? It seems so ironic, we (humans) put grass there, told it to grow, then beat the s*** out of it constantly, and when it gets enough moxie to grow longer than 2nd day beard stubble - we cut it. I have to wonder what the point is of growing it the first place..