Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Slate: On Gardening in Iran

Here is an article by Constance Casey about Gardening in Iran. Casey interweaves the current political tensions between Iran and America with tidbits of the tour she took called, Gardens Illustrated.

The same snowmelt that waters the elderly plane tree is used [at the main nuclear facility in Natanz for] cooling.

Through all of the tension and cultural differences that face Americans and Iranians alike, Casey reiterates that information, while allowing us to relate to their desire of enjoying green spaces.(Granted, their public gardens seem to put ours to shame.)

In Iranian cities, as the sun goes down, families and groups of friends come out to parks and gardens carrying carpets. There are wooden platforms where you can unroll a rug and sit or recline in the shade, listening to the water and drinking tea.

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